Emily Frost

SM (June 2013)
Department of Operations Research
Office: 31-122a

Emily was born in the much sunnier climes of Annapolis, Maryland, where she spent the first 22 years of her life before being banished to the Far North under a cloud of secrecy. She spent as much time in the sun and on the water as she could before arriving — from Brazil to Bermuda to, sadly,  Newport.  Alas, she could not escape her fate, and she now splits her time between the Operations Research Center, the Draper Laboratory, and, of course, IRGAMIT.

Research Subject: Dynamic Scheduling with Imperfect Knowledge
Emily is researching methods of enabling underwater unmanned vehicles, given a set of user inputs, to select a set of tasks to carry out and to generate a consistent schedule to do so.  Her work focuses on areas where the user has imperfect knowledge of the environment and the tasks, and so requires the use of probabilistic modeling to determine likelihood of success of a given schedule.