Jim Boerkoel

Postdoctoral Associate
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab

I am a Postdoctoral Associate with the Interactive Robotics Group as part of CSAIL. I am currently the lead researcher on a project funded by BMW that investigates developing and deploying mobile robot assistants in the final assembly of automotive manufacturing processes to increase the productivity, safety, and health of human workers. More generally, I am interested in using ideas from AI and robotics to improve the coordination of teams of agents, including human, virtual, and embodied agents. My goal is to develop techniques that augment human’s own cognitive and physical abilities to create integrated human-robot teams that are more capable than their individual counterparts.

My research interests include distributed constraint reasoning, multiagent coordination, automated planning and scheduling, temporal reasoning, and human-agent interaction. Prior to joining the IRG, I completed my PhD work at the University of Michigan, developing distributed approaches for constraint-based, multiagent scheduling. Visit my homepage to learn more!