Ramya Ramakrishnan

PhD Candidate
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Office: 32-271
Website: people.csail.mit.edu/ramyaram
Email: ramyaram@mit.edu

Hi! I'm Ramya, and I joined the EECS department at MIT as a grad student in Fall 2013. I went to Georgia Tech for my Bachelor's degree in computer science. During that time, I became interested in human-robot interaction and worked on affordance learning with Simon the robot. I also interned at Google in the AdWords frontend team for two summers and really enjoyed the experience. As a minority in CS myself, I love to mentor and help other women in CS. My hobbies include Indian classical singing (Carnatic music) and Indian classical dance (Bharatanatyam). In IRG, for my Master's work, I developed a computational learning model for human-robot perturbation training, an effective training approach used to train human teams. Currently, I'm working on developing more interpretable and interactive techniques to better support the human in a collaborative environment.