Takaya Ukai

PhD StudentĀ 
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Office: 31-219M

Hi! My name is Takaya. I joined the AeroAstro at MIT as a Ph.D. student in Fall 2017. I obtained B.S. in pharmacy at University of Tokyo, Japan, and went to Purdue University for M.S. degree in AeroAstro. (yes, it was a drastic change!) In Purdue, I had experiences of learning, utilizing, and developing optimization and machine learning algorithms for a couple of applications in the AeroAstro domain. I did an internship as a software engineer/data scientist at Bosch during Summer 2017. I love data science and consistently join Kaggle competitions. (as "Lain") My personal life is filled with various things: Kaggle, cooking, Japanese anime, comic books, fashion, hiking, karaoke, and flying (still a student pilot though).

At IRG, I am currently working to develop an algorithm to extract human experts' insights about sequential and structured decision makings, aiming to apply the methodology to automated sequential plan generation for astronauts activities in space missions.