RobAtWork 3

RobAtWork 3 (or Robbie as fondly known in our group) is an omni-directional mobile base capable of carrying loads for a long operating time. A research platform developed by Fraunhofer IPA, Robbie thinks in ROS (Robot Operating System), allowing us to add multifarious capabilities to it's repertoire. Specifically designed to provide assistance in production environments, at IRG Robbie demonstrates algorithms developed as part of the Mobile Robotic Assistant research effort.

Robotina (PR2)

Robotina is a PR2 Robot developed by Willow Garage and programmable using ROS. Robotina can perform manipulation and navigation in human environments thanks to its 7DOF arms, grippers, mobile base, compliant actuators and friendly appearance. The kinematics and dynamics of Robotina is very convenient to emulate human motion, as well as to perform human-robot collaborative tasks in everyday settings. Either in simulation or in reality, Robotina can sense the world through stereo cameras, a kinect sensor, laser scanners, IMUs and force sensors. Check out our research page to see Robotina in action!


The IRB 120 is the smallest multipurpose industrial robot developed by ABB . Combining the reliability of large industrial robots with the small form factor, the IRB 120 is a perfect robot for HRI research. This 6 DOF robot can handle payloads of up to 3kg with a reach of 580mm. Our IRB 120, which we named “Abbie,” is being used in several projects which fall under the “Fluid Coordination of Human-Robot Teams” category. For details about how we use Abbie in these projects, check out our research page!

KUKA youBots

KUKA’s youBot is the companies first mobile manipulator designed for education and research. KUKA youBots can be programmed in ROS (Robot Operating System) or through open source code. The manipulator has five degrees of freedom and a two-finger gripper. The platform is omni-directional, has an onboard PC running Linux, and runs off of batteries or off board power. We have used the robots to showcase our work on multi-agent scheduling.


Optimus' is a next generation bomb disposal robot, a 16-DOF dual-arm highly dexterous mobile manipulator that integrates a Highly Dexterous Manipulation System (HDMS) by RE2, a Husky UGV by Clearpath, 3-finger grippers by Robotiq and a Multisense SL by Carnegie Robotics. Optimus' can be remotely controlled by a human operator to execute complex manipulation tasks and is being used in our supervised teleautonomy project.