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Unhelkar, V. V., and J. A. Shah, "Enabling Effective Information Sharing in Human-Robot Teams", Extended Abstract at the RSS Pioneers Workshop, Pittsburgh, PA USA, 2018.
Unhelkar, V. V., C. Guan, N. Roy, and J. A. Shah, "Enabling Robot Teammates to Learn Latent States of Human Collaborators", Workshop on Robot Teammates Operating in Dynamic, Unstructured Environments at ICRA, Brisbane, Australia, 2018.
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Unhelkar, V. V., and J. A. Shah, "ConTaCT : Deciding to Communicate During Time-Critical Collaborative Tasks in Unknown, Deterministic Domains", Thirtieth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-16) (26% Acceptance Rate), Phoenix, Arizona, AAAI Press, 2016.
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